Morning Workouts

May 2, 2012: Churchill Downs morning workout.

This photo was taken during Kentucky Derby week at Churchill Downs, which is one of my absolute favorite places on earth. I don’t know who the horse or exercise rider are, but I just love this guy. I am so guilty of concentrating on the horse rather than the rider, but sometimes you just can’t help it.

I live in North Carolina, which means there are very few tracks I can get to easily. However, I can drive from my house to Louisville, KY in exactly eight hours. I have the trip down to a science! I try to make the trip at least twice per year, which just goes to show that you don’t have to live next to a track to enjoy racing.

If you ever make it to Churchill Downs during Derby week, make sure to visit early in the mornings. They hold Dawn at the Downs for several days prior to the Derby, and it’s a fantastic time to see the horses work out on the track. They usually set aside a certain amount of time during the morning where only the Derby and Oaks contenders are allowed on the track, so it’s a must-see event if you’re in Louisville at the time! For a modest price, you can buy a ticket to their buffet and watch all the activity from Millionaire’s Row. Entry is free if you just want to watch from the stands. We always get there early and park ourselves in the seats right in front of the finish line.

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  1. Kariiiiiiiii!!!!!! Soooooo proud of you! This is a great idea and I will look forward to perusing this blog. And, girrrrrl, I would concentrate on the horses, too. It is with them where our hearts reside. . .

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