Camera Woes

Due to tightened security at the Kentucky Oaks and Derby, I was not allowed to take my “good” camera into the track either day. I normally shoot with my Nikon DSLR, but it has a removable lens. All cameras with these types of lenses were banned from Churchill Downs on Friday or Saturday.

I do understand that they wanted to streamline the security checkpoint process and be extra cautious because of what happened in Boston, but not being able to take my camera into the track those two days was a huge disappointment.

I am currently sorting through the photos I was able to take my with backup camera, which is a glorified point-and-shoot with a zoom lens. I’m not very happy with the results, but what can you do? I took my good Nikon in with me for morning workouts on the backside on Thursday though, so I’ll definitely be posting several of those photos. I visited a few barns along the way as well and took some beautiful pictures from paddock schooling that same day. My DSLR was fine to take to the track on Thursday, just not Friday or Saturday. Oh well!

Pimlico has jumped on the No DSLR bandwagon too, so I can’t take my good camera to the Preakness either. Once again, very disappointing.

In any case, stay tuned for lots of new photos!

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